Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Monthly Inspiration: September Garden

This month's inspiration took me to my sisters' lush yard in the Millcreek area of Salt Lake City. It has been a late summer in Utah, with lots of unexpected rain early in the season. As you can see from my inspiration board, there were still beautiful Hydrangea and Hibiscus in bloom as well as thriving branches of leaves and berries from Tall Hedge, Japanese Maples, Creeping Jenny.... On a whim I decided this was the perfect garden to create a late season arrangement.
1. Gathering Hibiscus | 2. Adding fruit in the mix for complimentary colors and styling | 3. My sisters' dog Sasha, and project companion for the evening | 4. Testing props and areas for the shoot

The Hibiscus were so beautiful. I needed a close-up.

A bit of a panoramic to get a small glimpse into Freddie's (my sister's nickname) yard.

The resulting arrangement styled beneath the outdoor clock.

Hope you enjoy looking at the this month's inspiration as much as I had fun putting it together.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Utah Weddings: St Regis in August

A spectacular view from the wedding cocktail patio at the St Regis in Deer Valley, Utah.

The Bridesmaids in their lovely lace dresses.

The Bridal Bouquet (held by my assistant).

Escort Card Table.

I thought these two mirrored each other so well so we quickly pulled them for a photo opp.

The start of the dining room setup.

Through the view finder shot.

The dining room panoramic before candles are lit.

We folded the napkins to hold the dinner menu and tied them with black ribbon and a small leaf branch. Very elegant.

With the candles lit.

This was my first wedding at the St Regis. It was a spectacular hotel, and would recommend it to any bride with a 5 star hotel budget.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Utah Weddings: Salt Lake Country Club

I finally got a couple of good pictures. This wedding was another Salt Lake Country Club event. They have a great space for outdoor entertaining and a beautiful dinning room. These were my first florals using some new white ceramic pottery, and it was thrilling to see how well they turned out. The hanging wreaths were a bit of a trick to get hung, but once the outside was set up, it was well worth the effort. They added the perfect whimsical touch.

I loved that the just married car was a golf cart. Very cute.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Utah Weddings: Small Weekday Gathering

Weddings during the week tend to be small and more intimate. These flowers were for a fabulous backyard reception on a Wednesday evening in the Salt Lake Foothills.  The backyard was transformed into a purple, pink and cream, garden themed scene. With an already lush yard the flowers added the perfect glamed-up touch. This along with the bride and groom's decor of engagement pictures and ribbons, and a menu of gourmet fired pizza and dessert, I'm sure, made it an evening to remember.

I had to snap a quick picture of the newlyweds amazing vintage bon voyage car!
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