Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Flowers are always a welcome way to tell your lady that you love her. What girl doesn't love a beautiful bouquet. On the other hand, some might get tired of the same old arrangement every birthday, anniversary or mothers day. Why not spice it up a bit. Still using flowers, get a little creative. I helped a friend the other day by simply using bush branches from the yard, hydrangea petals and flower heads strung together to have a little fun and express themselves in a unique way. I HEART U on the front doorstep made the recipient of this flower gift gush. Think about doing something more unique with flowers the next time you want to tell someone how you feel.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Weekly Pinterest Love: Feathers

Autumn weddings can be frustrating for brides who did not realize that their favorite flowers are not available year round. It can be a hard season to find that stylish look that isn't the typical autumn rustic theme. The addition of feathers to a fall wedding style can class up your event and and adds such a beautiful texture. The softness makes for a cozy feeling, which is a nice touch as the air is starting to get crisp and cool.

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Monthly Inspiration: October Leaves

Thank goodness this year I was able to carve a day away at just the right time to catch the beautiful fall leaves in the Wasatch Mountains. Often these bright leaves appear overnight and disappear just as fast.  

 Using old tea tins is a fun way to create a unique look for a mixture of colorful leaves and late season garden flowers. By matching the base color scheme of the arrangement with the color of the tin, you end up with arrangements that take on lots of character.  

 Utilizing colorful cloth napkins and vintage wicker chairs helps bring out the individuality of these kinds of arrangements.
 My little pup Bindy was a great doggy assistant for the afternoon.

 Try different backdrops for all sorts of photo ops and styling.
This could be the last week of these beautiful fall leaves, so get yourself up the canyons and take advantage of what very few people get to experience!

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