Monday, January 9, 2012

A Haven Lane Wedding

This spectacular early autumn wedding goes on the top of my list of weddings I did this year. It was in the yard of an unbelievable home in the Walker Lane area. We used sunflowers, roses, calla lilies, coxcomb, hanging amaranthus, and other favorites. The colors were deep for fall, but the variety of colors gave it a vibrant feeling. We constructed probably the longest garland of fresh floral and leaves I've ever done, to wrap around the lighting pole in the center of the dining area. With the other decor that was brought in by family and friends it was truly an event to remember.

Holiday Decor

Some of you may not know that I do a lot of holiday decor. Everything from Christmas trees to mantles to lights - I've done it all. Above is a sample of one of the houses I did this year. In this particular case, the client already had the decor she wanted used (which is not necessary), so all I did was sort it out and design a look using what was provided. The huge pine cones were my favorite this season - they were literally the size of a persons head! This crystal, gold, green, and purple theme turned out beautifully!
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